Alphabet Foil Balloon Golden Color 16 Inch Golden Letter – Golden- B

300 150

  • You will receive 1 pcs Letter of your chosen alphabet Balloons with 1 straw to inflate,
  • This balloon is self-sealing so no tying with fingers required.
  • This foil balloon is suitable to inflate with air.
  • Uses MicroSeal technology for a strong and longer-lasting seal with a seamless appearance
  • A to Z alphabets are available, Select the Letter you want to buy.
  • HIGH QUALITY | STURDY | REUSABLE – High-quality foil balloons that support normal air filling or helium filling. Made from grade ‘A’ quality, this classy wall decoration is the perfect backdrop for photography and is durable and re-usable as well.
  • EASY DECORATION – The decoration material comes with a straw to fill the balloons, you can easily use it to blow air into the balloons using your mouth. Apart from tape, you don’t require anything extra to complete this setup in your bedroom.