Camel Premium Poster Color 15ml 20 Shades Combo Set With Brush

490 441

  • Camel Poster Colors is ideal for a smooth matt finish and a completely opaque mass tone. Made from the finest pigments,
  • it give high covering capacity with a brush or a spray gun.
  • They flow easily, dry quickly and evenly and are easy to mix.
  • Camel Fluorescent Poster Colours give brighter artworks and superior visual impact.
  • Camel Poster Colors must be carefully used as they as moderately permanent and lose their brilliance on intermixing.
  • Premium quality poster color range with better pigment content and vibrant colors
  • 20 brilliant shades of 15 ml with 2 special shades included in the pack – super white, Tanjore gold and 2 brushes complimentary