Micro & Macro Economics (Text-Cum-Refresher Book) CBSE

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The distinguished features of the Macro and Micro Economics for Class 12 are as follows:

  • An elaborate description of concepts pertaining to the syllabus covered in Chapter at a Glance.
  • The language used is quite easy and student friendly.
  • Diagrams drawn and explained in a flawless manner.
  • Yesteryear papers solved with elaboration.
  • Step by step solutions of numericals for the students’ ease.
  • Application Based Questions, High Order Thinking Skills Questions, Value Based qestions and Multi – disciplinary questions in abundance.
  • Multiple Choice Questions have been added in accordance with the latest CBSE question paper design.
  • All NCERT questions have been solved with relevant diagrams and examples.
  • CBSE Board Questions and Sample Paper Questions with Answers are included.
  • Also includes Lecture CD.