Qubix Hot Melt Glue Stick (Pack of 20 Sticks )


  • For use in 40/60/80/100 watt glue guns excellent for bonding heat-sensitive materials, as well as general applications such art and craft, project work and floral arrangement craft works.
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Sticks is made from Safety EVA, SBS, WAX, Eco-Friendly Material, Non Toxic Smell, DO NOT Harm to our body .
  • High transparency brings good look on the join position .
  • Extra Strength Adhesive: The Hot Melt Adhesive Stick Glue Is Very Suitable for Fixing ALL Objects Such As Paper, Glass, Wood, fabrics, Plastics, Ceramics and Many Related Things .
  • Use high temperature glue guns to bond porous and heavier materials like glass, wood, metal, plastic, stone, ceramic, etc.