Samrat plastics file (Set Of 4 MultiColour)


  • Compatible Paper Size: A/4 SIZE
  • Set of 4
  • Build Material: plastics
  • Waterproof

These office files have 1.5 inches 2D round ring that holds pages securely. Holds approximately 250 sheets. Big size to accommodate section divider and (optional) to make the file a remarkable reference tools in offices and for personal, medical records etc. Extra large size, strong polycover with uv stabilizer and antistatic agents. Pockets on inside cover for loose sheets and business card and package contains 4 x 2D Ring Binder File. Ring binder folder file protects your documents and keep them organized. Use this document file folder to organise your reports, documents, artworks, homework & class assignments, shopping lists, home & medical files, or other punched documents.

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