Water Brush Pen (Assorted) Pack of 3

500 350

  • It comes with 3 different shapes/sizes brush tips refillable water brush pens for color drawing, painting, illustration and calligraphy. Moisture Adjustment : Initially, Squeeze The Pen Nib Before You Use, It Will Effluent And You Can Wipe With A Paper Towel, Adjust The Water Contents
  • High grade quality nylon hair brush tips that stay intact and does not drizzle, spread, or smear while in use. These water brush pens have superior quality nylon brush tips which are soft, durable and long lasting
  • 3 different sized brush tips : fine, medium & large – Giving you countless artistic options when creating your artwork or lettering masterpieces
  • Water Injection : Remove the nib by rotating it, fill the dropper with enough water. You can draw the finest line or color large lines, blend colors and create new shades. Great for solid colors or powdered pigment, use with watercolor crayons, water-soluble pencils, water-soluble pigments, inks
  • Suitable for kids, students, amateur and artists. When not in use, clean up the water, close the lid
  • 1 pack includes 3 brushes (fine , medium , large)